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1. Client sends documents via email or uploads on a cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive, We check every dayfor any new uploads and process it in the accounting system within 48 hours of TAT and move it in completed folder.This applies to routing documents like A/P bills, A/R Invoices, Expenses, Payroll Report.Once the month is over,client uploads the Bank and Credit Card Statements, we reconcile it, review the financials to make sure that everything looks good and classified properly on the P&L and Balance Sheet.

2. We prepare back up schedules for each of the balance sheet accounts and this way ensuring that the assets and liabilities appearing on the balance sheets are real and not something which does not actual in real scenario (e.g. a bad receivable, which should have been written off instead of showing it on the balance sheet.We generally prepare and send the financials by the third week of the following month. However, if client has specific deadlines we plan ourĀ  calendar accordingly.

3. We use google sheets and drive to exchange data with clients.We use a standard “Open Items” sheet to send clients our queries(transactions /classifications/,statements required etc) and follow up via phone and emails to get the required inputs.With few clients we use Dropbox to exchange data.We expect the clients to upload bank ,CC statements to the Drive or Dropbox.

We generally provide prior month financials statements to our clients by 20th for the current month. However, if there is specific urgency, we can deliver it earlier as well.We generally finish the catchup of transactions at the end of each week provided the bank feed is active.